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For Leaders

“The only definition of a leader I know is someone who has followers.” – Peter Drucker

We ask a lot from leaders today.

People expect you to be strong and independent, and to ‘lead from the front’ in rapidly changing environments. At the same time, you are required to be available to others, to be supportive and inspiring.

It’s not surprising then that leaders often find themselves feeling isolated and under pressure, with no one to turn to for support.

Leadership coaching can help you to develop your leadership presence, to go beyond the “technical skills” of leadership and build capacity, range and resilience, so that you can be available to yourself and to others. Just as important, coaching provides you with a confidential sounding board to speak and explore freely as you navigate the complex demands of modern organisational life.

If you’d like to know more about how working with a leadership coach could benefit you, then please get in touch to arrange a free initial discussion.

In addition to individual leadership coaching, I also offer tailor-made Coaching Skills for Leaders workshops, which can be adapted to suit your team’s needs. For more information on this, please get in touch.